This site and the related hyperModel development tools have provided an innovative resource on model-driven XML since 2001 when Dave Carlson wrote the book, Modeling XML Applications with UML, published by Addison-Wesley.

hyperModel is based on over 14 years of research and development and 12 years of active use and feedback. hyperModel implements the innovative approach to analysis & design of XML applications that was first described in the book, Modeling XML Applications with UML: Practical e-Business Applications, published by Addison-Wesley. hyperModel was designed and implemented by this book’s author. hyperModel does more than just assist XML schema design and integration. What makes hyperModel different from all other UML and XML development tools is that it is specifically designed to emphasize the thoughtful understanding of business models defining document-centric Web Service integration. UML diagrams become dynamic, multi-dimensional views of your business information.

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