Dave Carlson, MBA, Ph.D., is the founder and CTO at Clinical Cloud Solutions, LLC. Contact him at dcarlson @ ClinicalCloud.solutions or see additional profile detail on his LinkedIn page.

Dr. Dave Carlson is an entrepreneur, technology innovator, educator, and engineer who creates practical solutions for challenging problems. He is developing mobile iOS applications for patient empowerment and connected health using cloud computing and HL7 FHIR®© standards. All of Dave’s R&D and consulting work since 2007 has focused on data interoperability standards for the healthcare industry, and most of that work is with Veterans Health Administration (VHA) as an active participant in development and use of HL7 standards. The rapid growth of maturity and interest in the new HL7 FHIR®© standard makes this a very exciting time to be part of the healthcare informatics industry!

Dave Carlson’s research and development in model-driven interoperability started in 1998 and led to release of the hyperModel development tools in 2003 that enabled XML Schemas to be designed and visualized using UML. The hyperModel product was used to support model-driven XML development by several large international banks for investment and retail banking data interoperability, in manufacturing supply chain, healthcare data standards, and other industries. This work evolved with Dave’s engagement in the healthcare industry in 2007 and contributed to starting an open source project, Model Driven Health Tools (MDHT), that is now hosted by Eclipse.org. MDHT is used to design, validate, publish specifications, and implement healthcare data interoperability standards. As an early pioneer in model-driven interoperability, Dave wrote a book in 2001, Modeling XML Applications with UML: Practical e-Business Applications, published by Addison-Wesley as part of their Object Technology Series.