Health Informatics

Clinical Cloud Solutions, LLC delivers healthcare interoperability

  • Model Driven Architecture tools and implementation
  • HL7 FHIR®©
  • Clinical Information Models
  • Model Driven Health Tools (MDHT) at


Model Driven Health Tools (MDHT) delivers a standard object-oriented alternative to proprietary development methodologies and tooling used to specify and implement most healthcare industry standards.

  • Authors of healthcare industry interoperability standards
  • Certification or testing authorities who validate that an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system produces XML or JSON files that comply with the standard
  • Software developers that implement adapters or applications that produce and consume healthcare data


Dynamic Class Diagrams (Dynagrams) display interactive UML diagrams via graphical browsing, without any manual layout effort.

  • Browse any UML class model
    • Design HL7 FHIR®© resources and profiles
    • Design HL7 CDA implementation guides
    • Import large XML Schemas to UML
  • SNOMED CT terminology concepts and relationships
  • OWL ontologies